A Deep Dive into the CBD and Delta-8 Industry Trends for 2023 & Beyond

A Deep Dive into the CBD and Delta-8 Industry Trends for 2023 & Beyond

CBD and Delta-8. 

As we set sail into 2023 and beyond, whether you're a business selling products or a user who's adopted these substances into your lifestyle, understanding these industry trends will be crucial. 

And the industry is changing constantly, what with the government and legislators trying to figure out the somewhat gray legal areas in which CBD and, more specifically, Delta-8 exist.

Our mission?

To detail everything you need to know right now regarding the CBD/Delta-8 industry, highlight what's important and what's changing, and predict what we can expect moving forward.

Let's get straight into it.

The CBD and Delta-8 Industry Today

A bottle of unlabelled CBD with the drop on a woven surface
KUSHiN; Pixabay

We're currently witnessing an industry in full bloom, proliferating across states and even spurring a global conversation. 

An increasing number of people are warming to these naturally derived compounds, recognizing their potential role in health, wellness, and even recreational space. 

To give you some stats, the CBD industry hit $5.3 billion in sales back in 2021 and is estimated to hit $16 billion in 2026, which is crazy growth. The same can be said for Delta-8, which generated over $2 billion in sales in two years and saw a 700% increase in online searches in 2022 (averaging roughly 22 million queries in the US alone).

Factors fueling this growth? It's a mixture. 

From scientific discoveries unraveling the potential of these fascinating compounds to evolving consumer preferences for natural and holistic wellness alternatives.

With more and more brands getting on board, the benefits and reports of millions of users backing up claims, and better marketing campaigns around profitable products, it's no wonder this industry continues to take off.

And this is only the beginning.

The industries keep expanding and fragmenting into new niches. 

Beauty, pet care, gourmet edibles – the versatility of CBD and Delta-8 is getting the attention it deserves. Stakeholders also rise to the occasion, focusing on quality, transparency, and consumer education.

Indeed, the journey has just started!

The Legal Landscape

Navigating the waters of CBD and Delta-8 regulations can feel like the labors of Hercules! Laws are ever-evolving and complex, but luckily we're here to provide some clarity.

At a federal level, the Farm Bill of 2018 was a triumph for hemp-derived CBD, differentiating it from its infamous twin, marijuana. But what about Delta-8? 

It reigns in that same gray area. 

Derived from legal hemp CBD, its status remains enigmatic, with states frequently updating their legislation.

However, several legal battles have stormed the headlines, such as the DEA's Interim Final Rule controversy, leaving the industry in a state of suspense. While CBD is legal in all but three states, Delta-8 is banned and restricted in 15 states, and many are reviewing how they feel on the matter.

They serve as a crucial reminder that legal vigilance is key in this dynamic landscape.

Top Trends Shaping the Future of CBD and Delta-8

A girl takes a drop of CBD with a dropper
KUSHiN; Pixabay

So, what does the actual CBD - Delta-8 market look like right now? What trends shape the industry, and where does it look like it will go? 

That's what we're looking at here.

Innovative Sources of CBD and Delta-8

Cannabinoid production is undergoing shifts, with industrial hemp demonstrating its potential as a prime source for CBD and Delta-8. The high yields reported by firms like Front Range Biosciences mark it as a sustainable option. Simultaneously, biosynthesis methods offer scalability and sustainability. 

In 2023, advancements made by pioneers like Gingko Bioworks and Hyasynth Biologicals set new industry standards, producing cannabinoids using engineered yeast. Their breakthroughs promise quicker, efficient production, from months to mere days. 

Consequently, balancing natural and synthetic sources may be the key to meeting global demands, making both essential fields to monitor.

Diverse Products and Novel Consumption Methods

A little tower of CBD brownies on kitchen paper
KUSHiN; Unsplash

As consumer preferences rapidly transform, the CBD and Delta-8 industries pioneer to stay ahead of the curve. Welcome to the epoch of inventive consumption. 

Mouthwatering edibles, invigorating cannabinoid-infused beverages, and healing topicals are just the tip of the iceberg. Innovative product formats are blooming to cater to a variety of consumer preferences. 

Path of wellness has never been this delicious!

The Rise of the Cannabis Aficionado

The green wave heralds the advent of cannabis enthusiasts— informed consumers who place quality above volume. 

They strive for the highest-rated picks, concentrating not solely on strength but on the nuances of strain, terpenes, and extraction techniques. 

This is backed by a rise in CBD and cannabis influencers amassing audiences and effectively bringing more interest and education into the industry.

In response, producers race to meet these exacting standards through rigorous quality checks and the finest ingredients. Rise and shine, industry giants!

Tailor-Made CBD and Delta-8 Experiences

There's a noticeable industry shift from ubiquitous solutions to customized cannabinoid experiences. 

In light of genetics, lifestyle, and wellness aspirations, consumers now clamor for personalized cannabinoid profiles and usage methods. 

Responding to this change, businesses showcase adaptable product options and provide personalized guidance. This trend signifies the sophisticated level of engagement and complexity now intrinsic to cannabinoid use.

The Green Revolution: Eco-friendly CBD and Delta-8 Production

The consumer's growing environmental consciousness isn't lost on the CBD and Delta-8 industry. 

Producers face the task of employing sustainable agricultural tactics and minimizing packaging waste. This progressive shift reinforces that the well-being of our globe is as crucial as our personal wellness objectives.

These captivating trends are courting the limelight in the unfolding chapters of the CBD and Delta-8 narrative. 

Stay engaged as we delve deeper into these exhilarating developments!

Surprising Developments and Industry Crossovers

Someone putting a few drops of CBD into their tea
KUSHiN; Pixabay

As mentioned above, CBD and Delta-8 are not just restricted to human wellness and are seen branching out into more and more niches. 

This is an exciting time as it's allowing us to see the full spectrum of what these natural products have to offer and just how impactfully they can benefit our day-to-day lives.

Let's explore a few of them now because you just know this is where it starts.

The Beauty and Wellness Boom

CBD and Delta-8 are breaking the mold in the realms of beauty and wellness. Now, these cannabinoids are no longer exclusive to a niche clientele — they're starring in skincare ranges and wellness compilations across the globe. 

From anti-aging creams boasting the antioxidant power of CBD to Delta-8-infused products for stress relief, the beauty and wellness industry finds itself amid a green renaissance.

Pet Care and CBD: Tails Wagging in Approval

The cannabinoid wave has not just swept the human shore. It is creating ripples in pet care as well. Pet owners increasingly turn to pet-friendly CBD and Delta-8 products, such as treats and tinctures. 

The aim?

Providing their cherished fur buddies with gentle, non-invasive support for various conditions. While research is ongoing, the tails wagging in approval hint at a promising new direction in pet care.

Senior Lifestyle and CBD: Golden Years, Green Medicine

Cannabinoids are making their grand entrance into golden-age living. Older adults seek alternatives to traditional medications, welcoming CBD and Delta-8 to help alleviate age-related issues.

 A notable tilt towards natural, holistic treatments is reshaping the concept of senior care and wellness, thus cementing CBD and Delta-8's status as potential game-changers for the aging population.

Athletes and CBD: The Winning Combination

In the realm of sports, CBD and Delta-8 are emerging as MVPs. They're crossing the finish line of skepticism, becoming the go-to wellness resource for professional athletes. 

From post-training recovery to stress management, athletes are leveraging the potential benefits of these cannabinoids to enhance their performance while maintaining their well-being.

Thus, the mighty CBD and Delta-8 are not just rewriting the rules within their industry but creating new plots in seemingly unrelated sectors. 

These surprising developments and industry crossovers are an ode to the potential of these natural compounds. With the spheres of their impact constantly expanding, one can only watch, wait, and wonder!

Market Opportunities and Challenges

A scientist holds a vial of CBD in a cannabis growth center
KUSHiN; Unsplash

Let's mull over the challenges and opportunities dotting the vibrant CBD and Delta-8 market landscape.

Rise of CBD and Delta-8 Startups: Pioneers and Visionaries

The CBD and Delta-8 sectors are brimming with entrepreneurial innovation. An influx of startups is revitalizing the market, introducing novel products and practices. These startups' visionary pursuits reach beyond mere production to include education and advocacy initiatives. 

As per a 2023 report by Grand View Research, the global cannabinoid market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 16.2% up until 2030, involving many startups. Navigating this venture, however, necessitates resilience to overcome initial hurdles and lay the foundations for a diversified, eco-conscious future.

Balancing Quality and Accessibility: Meeting Market Demands

Producers find themselves walking a tightrope — aiming to balance affordability and accessibility with the demand for high-quality CBD and Delta-8 products. 

Achieving this balance is multifaceted, hinging on efficient production techniques, transparent business practices, and mindful marketing tactics. 

To truly flourish, the market must cater to all, not be a privilege of few, while maintaining stringent quality standards.

Overcoming Stigma and Misinformation

Even as the CBD and Delta-8 movement accelerates, misconceptions and misinformation persist. The journey towards acceptance is fraught with misunderstanding. Overcoming these barriers necessitates dedication to education, advocacy, and fostering spaces for open discussion. 

This is backed by stats, with over 63% of respondents admitting having insufficient knowledge about CBD and Delta-8, so don’t make informed decisions.

Therefore, known entities conducting cannabinoid research, such as the Lambert Initiative in Australia, are vital for deriving data-driven insights. 

Coupled with trustworthy informational outlets and powerful testimonials, these critical tools help to break down misconceptions and foster educated choices.

Navigating the Regulatory Maze

Navigating the intricate web of ever-evolving laws underpinning the CBD and Delta-8 industry is a constant challenge and opportunity. Regulatory shifts signify growing acceptance and demand – the CBD market alone is projected to reach
$64.14 billion by 2032.

However, such changes also create complexities for enterprises aiming to adhere to the law while maximizing growth. 

For consumers, a call for transparent, consistent regulations is evident. Overcoming this labyrinth is arduous, but it’s a critical path to cultivating a robust, prosperous industry.

The market prospects for CBD and Delta-8 are teeming with potential, but realizing this potential goes hand in hand with overcoming sizable challenges. It's a thrilling puzzle that needs solving — and the puzzle pieces steadily fall into place. 

The Future of CBD and Delta-8 Industry

Fast-forward to the fascinating future that seems to be on the horizon for the CBD and Delta-8 industry.

Moving Towards Mainstream Acceptance?

A significant shift is underway, gradually juxtaposing CBD and Delta-8 alongside mainstream health and wellness options. As understanding deepens and stigma recedes, acceptance blooms. 

Public sentiment, medical research, and regulatory shifts are unlocking new doors. Could we witness these cannabinoids breaking through into everyday wellness routines in the not-so-distant future? 

All signs point towards a resounding "Yes!"

New Pairings: What Other Cannabinoids Are on the Horizon?

The cannabinoid universe is vast, featuring not only CBD and Delta-8 but also an array of other promising cannabinoids. As research delves deeper into this fascinating realm, cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN, and THCv are gaining attention.

Initial clinical reports suggest the potential benefits of these cannabinoids in treating neuropathic pain, neurodegenerative diseases, epilepsy, cancer, and skin disorders. 

For example, THCv has shown promising results for improving fasting glucose, pancreatic beta cell function, and other hormones associated with diabetes.

As the investigation into the field continues, the future could bring a harmonious fusion of multiple cannabinoids, offering abundant therapeutic benefits.


There's no stopping the green wave of CBD and Delta-8. These cannabinoids are revolutionizing health, wellness, and more worldwide.

We're witnessing the birth of a thrilling new industry. The potential seems limitless, and the excitement is contagious. There's no doubt we're strapped in for one awesome ride!

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